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A new face of WSS Społem Praga Południe. UNIVERSAM Warsaw

The famous Uniwersam Grochów, located at the Wiatraczna roundabout in Warsaw, was the first shopping and service center in the capital. From 1977, the center was the pride of state authorities. It was possible to find hard-to-find goods in the times of the Polish People’s Republic. In the center there was also a Społem store, well known to everyone.

A decision was made to refresh the center. In 2016, Uniwersam was demolished and in its place a new eight-storey building with two fifteen-story towers was started. Wireland also has the honor to participate in this plan. The scope of our work includes design, arrangement, visualization and assembly of racks for the Uniwersam – Społem sales room located in the newly-built center “MUNICIPAL COMPLEX RONDO WIATRACZNA”. From October 9, we commence assembly works. We equip not only the entire sales hall with our shelves and customer service, but also provide guidelines, assumptions and standard equipment for our partner WSS Praga Południe. At the moment, we present the design and visualization of the store, and after the completion of all works, we will invite you to a virtual tour of the store.

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