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Another successful RC Yacht Regatta WIRELAND Mausz

On June 8-9, 2019, at the Mausz lake in the Municipality of Parchowo, Bytów county, Pomeranian voivodeship, took place competition: XVI National Radio-Controlled Yacht Regatta 2019 The Polish Championship Qualification in the class F5-E played in 5 categories: Youngster, Junior, Senior, Old Boy and as a team. In total, in the regatta participated 31 competitors from all over the country: Gdynia, Wejherowo, Parchowo, Poznań, Szczecin, Świdwin, Jarosławiec, and Warszawa.

Regatta results:

Category: Youngster
1st place – Jakub Kukowski Czarni Pieszcz Postomino
2nd place – Maksymilian Krampa RJK Bliza Balex Metal Wejherowo
3rd place – Paulina Jereczek Wireland Mausz Parchowo
4th place – Kacper Zjawiński Czarni Pieszcz Postomino
5th place – Łukasz Zjawiński Czarni Pieszcz Postomino
6th place – Stanisław Barzowski RJK Bliza Balex Metal Wejherowo

Category: Junior
1st place– Kacper Konkol RJK Bliza Balex Metal Wejherowo
2nd place – Wiktor Perskiewicz SM Osiedle Świdwin
3rd place – Błażej Dąbrowski RJK Bliza Balex Metal Wejherowo

Category: Senior
1st place – Jan Springer JKM Roda Gdynia
2nd place – Mieczysław Muller RJK Bliza Balex Metal
3rd place – Bartłomiej Jereczek Wireland Mausz Parchowo

Category: Old Boy
1st place – Karol Dudkowski Arwimont Poznań
2nd place – Marcin Gransicki Szczecin
3rd place – Bogdan Mikołajczyk Szczecin

Category: Team
1st place – RJK Bliza Balex Metal
2nd place – SM Osiedle Świdwin
3rd place – Szczecin

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