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Bartek Standard


Advantages of Bartek bin shelters:

1 Roofing protects
the garbage from high temperature inside the containers, as well as from rain and snow.
The transparent roof and walls cause that the inside is bright,
allowing the use of the bin shelter even at dusk.

2 Modularity
allows to adjust the size of the shield to the customer’s needs and allows for expansion.
Shields are assembled and disassembled in a short time.
They can be reused or moved to another location (as opposed to brick shields).

3 Corrosion protection
through hot-dip galvanising and an additional anti-corrosion coating using powder paints.

4 The enclosed structure
prevents garbage from being carried outside by wind.
A lock protects against unauthorised dumping of garbage as well as access of animals.
Limiting the number of users through the use of a lock raises the cleanliness
and order and lowers the costs associated with waste management.

5 Openwork steel structure
is durable, has a neat appearance, wind flows freely thought it and it is easy to clean.
The structure and the transparent roof cause that the interior of the gazebo is bright,
which has a positive impact on keeping the interior clean.


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Bartek Standard

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