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The company mission:

Our products and services enhance the benefits of our clients. In 1968, the company employed 90 people in order to become one of the larger local employers in the seventies, employing 400 people in the seventies. Today, among our employees there are those who have been here since the establishment of the company. In addition to experienced employees with the longest job seniority, WIRELAND sp. z o.o. employs a young staff of engineers, economists, sales representatives, technologists, constructors and designers. We are convinced that the strength of our team is the creativity and enthusiasm blended with an experience and professionalism.Technically, the factory has gone through enormous and dynamic changes. As the first in Poland, we implemented a technology for coating metal with plastics using fluidization. We have developed a technology for the application of new coatings and have launched mass production of wire products. We have registered the technological innovations for a dozen of products in the Patent Office. We have gained the highest ranks and awards in regional and national business rankings.Concurrently with the acquisition of the home market, our export production has developed. We sold our products to Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany. Good sales results enabled us to purchase new technological lines and brand new machines. A steady development has always been one of our priorities.Thanks to the search of new solutions and willingness to develop the company's potential, in 2006 we entered a completely unknown area. We have introduced to our offer the systems of comprehensive equipping of Solid York stores and products of the advertising industry. In no time, we became a tycoon on the shop fitting market. The position of the leader in this area strengthened the company, we have diversified our production. Thereby, in 2008, we additionally expanded our offer by implementing a production of the Bartek modular bins.The year 2012 marks the further development of the company. We purchased new machines for the production of fence panels, gabion panels and gabion baskets. Our new products were exhibited in January 2013 at the International Fair in Poznan BUDMA 2013, where they met with an enormous interest.The strength of our factory is the Product Development Department, Prototype Shop and Tool Shop. These elements in combination with the Department of Constructors and Technologists, Production Planning and a team of traders and logistics facilities constitute the ONE ORGANISM OF A COMPANY.In its 50-year history, the company has undergone organizational and ownership changes. From the state-owned enterprise operating under the name of Fabryka Wyrobów Gospodarstwa Domowego "ZAGOD", in 1990 as a part of the privatization of enterprises, a private company, Wireland SA, was created.From the very beginning, the company’s mission is to maintain, continue and develope the business activity of the "ZAGOD" company. In 2009, the company WIRELAND Sp. z o.o. bought out the property and company name - WIRELAND. Currently, we operate successfully on the Polish, English, French, German, Irish, Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch, Belgian, Lithuanian and Danish markets.

We are proud of our 45 years of activity in the metal industry. During this time, trends, technologies and economic conditions have changed, but we invariably offer our clients what matters most to them - satisfaction with our reliable service.

Video material presenting the history of the Wireland company:

Video promoting our company Wireland Sp. z o.o. (2013)

Video promoting our company Wireland sp. z o.o. (2021)

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