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Display stands


Display stands are designed and manufactured for a particular project. Implementation of any idea requires the subtle combination of the stages of designing, use of appropriate technology and work of machinery. All of this is a guarantee of a powerful message, fulfilment of design assumptions, precision and elegance. We play a key role in ensuring that this complex mix gives the desired effect – from concept, through design, prototype, production, to logistics.

Show us your vision and we will bring it to life. Display stands occupy little space, are lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place.

The main purpose of the stands is the best possible visibility of the advertised product and grabbing the attention of a potential customer.

We carry out projects from start to finish – from creative concept to final production.

Our Sales Specialists

Arne Wischka von Borczyskowski
Sales Manager
+48 601 940 122

E-mail: a.w.borczyskowski@wireland.plMobile: +48 601 940 122
Karolina Wantoch Rekowska
Export Sales Director
+48 601 646 880

E-mail: k.w.rekowska@wireland.plMobile: +48 601 646 880

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