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October 2020

Wiata śmietnikowa, kolor zielony

Brand new bin shelter!

NEW – LED lighting.

Bartek Premium VI bin shelter, dimensions 4500 x 4500 mm, intended for the storage of 6 1100l containers, equipped with a solar power kit and LED lighting. The set consists of a floodlight with a power of 10 W and a 120° light angle and an automatic external, adjustable switch with a motion sensor and a dusk sensor. The whole equipment, including the gel battery, is mounted in a hermetic and insulated switchbox which allows you to work from -25 to +60°C. The walls are fully built-up in order to hide the interior view of the bin shelter from the balconies of the residential building.

We encourage you to get familiar with the new offer of shelters with internal lighting.

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