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December 2022


Commonhold at the Street Duża Góra in Krakow

At this time of year, a bicycle shelter is a perfect place to store our two-wheeled friend.

Housing community at St. Duża Góra in Krakow has invested in a Premium bicycle shelter by Wireland, which can accommodate up to 14 bicycles!

It is extremely practical because the lower walls are covered with full aluminum sheet panels so the bicycles are protected against unfavorable weather conditions. The upper panel made of galvanized steel slats with a polymer coating makes the shelter look aesthetically pleasing and meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.


Warsaw with our garbage shelter

Warsaw is beautiful, but even more beautiful with our shelters.

We installed two WireCity shelters with composite board filling in the capital this week. Each of them will hold 8 containers.

Don’t they blend in beautifully with the surroundings?

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