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Bakery Section


Bakery Section

Our offer includes furniture for fitting the bakery section. The furniture provided by us is unconventional and has its own unique style. It is designed according to the latest display standards. Particular attention is paid to the proper colour of light, which makes the bakery products look even more attractive. Appropriate shelving and warm light colour translate into increased interest and sales. Wooden structure with suitable colours attract the eye and encourage the purchase.




Our Sales Specialists

Arne Wischka von Borczyskowski
Sales Manager
+48 601 940 122

E-mail: a.w.borczyskowski@wireland.plMobile: +48 601 940 122
Karolina Wantoch Rekowska
Export Sales Director
+48 601 646 880

E-mail: k.w.rekowska@wireland.plMobile: +48 601 646 880

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