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Vegetable Section


Shop shelving in the shape of an island can be used as display units for vegetables, fruits, breads and other appropriate products.


  • Practicality: “Island” shelves allows customers to move freely around the department and comfortable self-service,
  • Aesthetics: a system of baskets allows for simultaneously elegant and eye-catching display of goods,
  • Mobility: the shelf has wheels, making it easy to change its location without the need for disassembly or special equipment, and allows for cleaning under the shelf,
  • Easy to fit: Island, as a system, provides a wide range of possibilities for combining modules depending on the needs and the size of a shop,
  • Capacity: basic version of the Vegetable Island allows for displaying nearly one and a half tons of goods,
  • Strength: metal structure ensures stability and durability of the shelf, and wicker baskets placed on pallets create a neat and elegant display of goods. Wicker provides ventilation inside the basket, so fruits and vegetables remain fresh for an extended period of time,
  • Low price.

Properties of the vegetable island:

  • Possibility of finish using stainless steel or chrome rails
  • Wicker baskets (various sizes)
  • Shelving colour according to RAL
  • Awning
  • Wheels
  • Price tag holder


Shop Fitting Catalog – Vegetable Section


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