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Agreement on cooperation with ZSP and County Bytowski

For years, we have been promoting the invaluable value of business cooperation with education. Our district is currently struggling with the problem of the lack of candidates for training in carpentry and carpentry. To meet this problem, Wireland decided to sign a cooperation agreement with the Upper Secondary School Complex in Bytów and the County Bytowski.

The tripartite agreement is to be of a long-term nature and its aim will be to promote the profession of a carpenter. The furniture industry is growing in strength, the market is noticing an increasing interest in carpentry services, hence the decision to open its own Carpentry Services Center. Thus, we offer students an ideal place to learn the profession of a carpenter. We feel enormous ennoblement due to the trust that we have been given by the authorities of the County Bytów and representatives of the High Schools’ Complex and we are happy about the cooperation we have undertaken.

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