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Trends in the trade industry indicate the directions of development!

Trends in the store furnishings industry are always dictated by trends and trends in trade. For example, in food retail chains, further expansion of own brands and local brands is noticeable. They are often promoted as ecological and natural brands. Consequently, exhibition materials have acquired a natural design.

In the case of shop shelves, a more fashionable combination of wood and metal appears more and more often. This trend is also noticeable in the catering industry as well as in the interiors of our homes and flats.

“Wireland has been using metal and wood for a long time in its implementations and this solution is becoming more and more popular. We do not remain indifferent to market trends, which is why we decided to expand our production with our own wood furniture elements and particleboard formats. Soon we will be completely independent in this topic to implement projects without any limitations and gradually expand the range of our capabilities. “- said Szczepan Pobłocki, Managing Director of the Store Equipment Department in Wireland.

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