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Wireland fences and gates for PSB Mrówka in Bytów

On July 18, a ceremonial opening of the PSB Mrówka store took place in Bytów at str. General Wybicki 5A.

Our Wireland company has a small contribution to the creation of the facility, namely we have manufactured fence panels with a height of 3 meters, stacking two 1.5-meter panels. The system proposed by us is galvanized and at the request of the Investor it was painted yellow (RAL 1023) and the underpinning under the fence has a smooth pattern. The fence also includes sliding gates, where the size of two gates is 4 meters by 3 meters and one by 5 meters by 3 meters. All closed by hand. Frame and posts of the gate to the “GARDEN” section were painted yellow (RAL 1023). In addition, the General Contractor of this Investment commissioned us to fence the modern PPOŻ tank, which is located on this object. We have produced and mounted there a 3D fence with a concrete slab and one wicket.

The next and last realization on this object is the store’s equipment with a welded net closed with a pendant serving as a shelf for displaying goods in the amount of 24 pieces.

Thank you for your successful cooperation and we wish the PSB Mrówka branch in Bytów just satisfied customers.

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